Our Mission

The Saskatchewan Restorative Justice Network is pleased to be hosting the 2018 National Restorative Justice Symposium in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.




The theme for this year’s symposium is: “Inspiring Innovation: Restorative: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere.”  It is our goal that each participant will be inspired to return to their communities and implement new ideas and approaches in their restorative justice field. The Symposium will examine and define the roles we play in the lives of our clients and our communities.  

Restorative justice principles and approaches have a significant and positive influence on rebuilding lives and communities. Our special guest speakers will share their knowledge and expertise in their areas of discipline. We have assembled these special and influential guests to deliver positive and profound messages central to restorative practices and approaches. The symposium was created to encompass the nature of restorative justice and to highlight the roles that professionals and non-professionals play in creating a system of restorative healing and repair for our urban and rural communities. Our hope for this year’s symposium is to create an environment for our guests to start meaningful discussions and return with skills that will assist with capacity development within their own communities. 


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